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Social Bookmarking

Making our favorites or bookmarks social is an easy, effective means of knowledge sharing for distributed groups.

Social bookmarking is a way of saving URLs online so that you can access them from anywhere.

Many of us use our browsers to save favorite website URLs (uniform resource locator), but what happens when we use a public or work computer? Our bookmarks aren't there.

Also, imagine the benefits of sharing bookmarks. We can leverage the work we did in finding, tagging, and saving bookmarks for other people who share similar interests or who are searching for similar information.
Social bookmarking addresses both these issues by letting users:
  1. Save bookmarks to the web so they are readily accessible from anywhere, and
  2. Share bookmarks with the public or specified groups or individuals through tags or by creating networks
There are several free social bookmarking services on the web. One of the best-known and most used is delicious.

The video: click here
For more INFORMATION: click here


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