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ماذا كان يحدث لوسائط الاعلام الاجتماعية في السنة التي ولدت فيها؟

New Media Timeline (1983)
·        Jan. 1, 1983 — Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) are accepted as the standard protocols for the ARPANET and other computer networks. For many, the acceptance of TCP/IP as a common network communication language is considered the beginning of the Internet we know today.
·        Jan. 3, 1983 — Time Magazine publishes its issue naming the computer as the “Machine of the Year.” The articles include a story about Steve Jobs.
·        Apple introduces the Lisa. It uses a mouse and a graphical user interface.
·        Due to the growth of ARPANET, the Department of Defensedivides the computer network into two separate networks. MILNET will deal with military projects and ARPANET will serve civilian needs.
·        A technical advisory group called the Internet Activities Board (IAB) is founded to help define the structure of the Internet. One of the early members of the IAB is Jon Postel, who also served as an editor for the influencial Request for Comments (RFC) series and as the director of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority(IANA).
·        Tandy introduces one of the first laptop computers. The Radio Shack Model 100 quickly becomes a popular computer for journalists. The Model 100′s built-in telephone modem allows reporters to write on location and send their stories back to the newsroom. (But no one ever called it the Model 100, to reporters it was the “Trash 80″.)
·        The Internet Domain name system (DNS) is established. DNS allows the use of domain names rather than corresponding Internet protocol numbers.
Additional Resources

·        “Computer Chronicles TV Program.”
Videos from 1983-2002.
Internet Archives.

·        Oct. 1983 — Knight-Ridderofficially starts its Viewtronvideotex system in Miami with approximately 2,500 subscribers. AT&T develops a special Viewtron console unit that is placed in homes.
(See also: “
Before the Web, There Was Viewtron” and “Viewtron Remembered Roundtable” by Howard Finberg, Poynter Online, 2003.
·        “Viewtron TV Ad.” Posted on YouTube.
·        The Nexis database service begins offering exclusive access to The New York Times. Nexis is a full-text information service with material from newspapers, magazines, and many other sources. Nexis’s parent company, Mead Data Central, also purchases the TimesInfobank service.
·        News Example:
Oct. 24, 1983 –
Suicide Truck-Bombing at Beirut International Airport in Lebanon,
New York Times.
(Story available from
database vendor services.

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